Monday, February 26, 2007

Remembering Sgt. Howard J. Plouff

Please be in prayer for the family, friends and fellow Winston-Salem Police Officers as they mourn the loss of Sgt. Howard J. Plouff who died in action over the weekend. He is survived by his wife, Joyce, and two children -- ages 9 and 11. His wife is a teacher at Southwest Elementary School.

Donations for the Sgt. Howard Plouff Memorial Fund can be made at area Wachovia Bank locations. They will be collected by the N.C. Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association and go directly to his family.

A Special Treat Just For WBFJ Listeners

Central NC Fellowship of Christian Athletes
An evening with Anne Graham-Lotz
February, 27 2007

Koury Center 6:00-8:30PM
Greensboro NC

Anne Graham Lotz, founder of AnGeL Ministries, has passionately proclaimed God’s Word to people around the world for over thirty years. Her gripping narratives and heart-touching teaching have inspired listeners in arenas and prison cells, stadiums and Bible studies, sanctuaries and seminaries, the United Nations and Amsterdam 2000. The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Billy Graham, Anne launched Just Give Me Jesus in the year 2000. Anne is an award-winning and best-selling author. Her nine books include her signature book Just Give Me Jesus and her most recent release I Saw The LORD. Anne and her husband, Dr. Dan Lotz, reside in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have been active supporters of FCA in North Carolina for nearly 50 years.'s the special treat...the banquet is sold out. BUT, there are two tables reserved for WBFJ listeners, and at a reduced rate. The individual tickets are usually $70 but are available to WBFJ listeners for $50. If you are interested in going, send me an email at and I will let you know all of the details on how to get your tickets.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You Can!!

Marilynn Jeffcoat was recently featured on Oprah during a show about women who look much younger than their age. Marilynn's youthful look follows an incredible 100-pound weight loss. She explains how she did it, and why inward change is necessary for outward change in her book, "I Can - Discovering the Real Truth About Change". For more information, visit

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Coolest Valentine's Day Gift Ever!!!

Send your sweetie a Singing Valentine as performed by the "Triad Harmony Express". It only costs $50.00 (some requests may run a bit higher) and it's something your loved one will never forget!

For more info call 774-4044 or visit

Monday, February 05, 2007

Help for Your Car Troubles

Thanks to Ray Keeton for joining the Family Friendly Morning Show today. If you need help with an issue with your car, you can reach Ray at:

Keeton Automotive Service
7880 N NC 150 Hwy
Clemmons, NC
(336) 775-0777

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Money in Your Pocket!!!


When it comes time to prepare and file your 2006 tax return, make sure you do not overlook the federal excise tax refund credit. You claim the credit on line 71 of your form 1040. A similar line will be available if you file the short form 1040A. If you have family or friends who no longer file a tax return AND they have their own land phone in their home and have been paying a phone bill for years, make sure they know about this form 1040EZ-T. What is this all about? Well the federal excise tax has been charge to you on your phone bill for years. It is an old tax that was assessed on your toll calls based on how far the call was being made and how much time you talked on that call when phone companies began to offer flat fee phone service, challenges to the excise tax ended up in federal courts in several districts of the country. The challenges pointed out that flat fee/rate phone service had nothing to do with the distance and the length of the phone call. Therefore, the excise tax should/could not be assessed. The IRS has now conceded this argument. Phone companies have been given notice to stop assessing the federal excise tax as of Aug 30, 2006. You will most likely see the tax on your September cutoff statement, but it should NOT be on your October bill. But the challengers of the old law also demanded restitution. So the IRS has announced that a one time credit will be available when you and I file our 2006 tax return as I explained above. However, the IRS also established limits on how BIG a credit you can get. Here how it works. If you file your ret urn as a single person with just you as a dependent, you get to claim a $30 credit on line 71 of your 1040. If you file with a child or a parent as your dependent, you claim $40. If you file your return as a married couple with no children, you claim $40. If you file as married with children, you claim $ 50 if one child, $60 if two children. In all cases, the most you get to claim is $60 - UNLESS you have all your phone bills starting AFTER Feb 28, 2003 through July 31, 2006 (do not use any bills starting Aug 1, 2006.), then you can add up the ACTUAL TAX AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR BILLS AND CLAIM THAT FOR A CREDIT. Now if you have your actual phone bills and come up with an ACTUAL TAX AMOUNT, you cannot use line 71 on your tax return. You have to complete a special form number 8913 and attach it to your tax return. Individuals using the special from 1040EZ-T will have to attach this form 8913 also. One final point - this credit is a refundable credit. That means you get this money, no matter how your tax return works out. If you would end up owing the IRS a balance, the refund will reduce that balance you owe. If you end up getting a refund, the credit will be added and you get a bigger refund by that $30 to $60, depending on how many dependents are on your return.

Visit for more info.

Drowning in Debt???

If your New Year's resolution was to get out of debt, there are people that are ready to help. One great place to start with is your area Consumer Credit Counseling Service. Regina Smith from the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Forsyth County was on Your Family Friendly Morning Show today. For more information you can reach her at:

Another wonderful resouce is Dave Ramsey. If you have the opportunity to go through his Financial Peace University it will GREATLY benefit you. His books are also fantastic. His website is