Monday, August 31, 2009

Cookin' with Bacon

Sautéed Shrimp Scampi

Recipe By : Jeff Bacon CEC CCA AAC
Serving Size: 8
Categories: seafood

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 pound medium shrimp -- peeled and de-veined
1 pound pasta --cooked
6 ounces butter
4 tablespoons white wine
4 tablespoons lemon juice -- freshly squeezed
4 tablespoons chicken broth
3 tablespoons parmesan cheese -- grated
2 tablespoons scallion -- chopped
1 tablespoon garlic -- minced
1 tablespoon fresh parsley -- chopped fine
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper

Sauté Shrimp in 1 ounce of the butter utill half cooked

Add garlic and sauté 30 more seconds

Add wine lemon and broth simmer until reduced by half

Add parsley scallion, salt, and pepper.

Reduce heat to very low and swirl in remaining butter until sauce thickens and is smooth

Toss with pasta

"2 pounds"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Proof that You DO Have Time to Exercise!

From our Fitness One Trainer Allen Branch:

No time in your schedule for workout? Check out our grid below to see if you might can find 1-2 hours per week to squeeze in a workout or 2.
24x7 = 168 hours in a week
-56 hours for sleep
-40 hours for work
-2 hours each day just shopping, preparing food for family ect
-1 hour per day just driving carpooling ect
-1 hour per day to watch tv
-1 hour per day to sit on the couch and just chill
-5 hours per week to go to church
-6 hours each week to eat out, go to movies, go shopping ect
-1 hour per day to just talk on the phone to friends
-4 hours per week IN THE GYM
=15 hours still leftover!!
All of this and it is very padded, still leaves 15 hours of free time...So do you really not have time to work out in your schedule?
Our Personal Training programs start at only 2 days per week at 30 minutes per workout. If you want to get in shape, we can help you find a way to get it into your busy schedule!
Stay strong!
Allen Branch CPT, SCS, NASM-PES
Fitness One Training Solutions
American Martial Arts Systems
"Its time to put a fitness expert in your corner."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hearing Everett

Luke Everett and his brother, Eddie, were children when their family moved to the deserts of Baja California Mexico. They will be here with us to share from their perspective how God used their family in the face of enormous obstacles. The film is a call to action for the “ordinary church member” who may believe that God cannot use them.

This film will be shown at the West Campus of Calvary Baptist Church on Friday, August 21 and Saturday, August 22 at 6:00 PM. The Saturday showing will feature subtitles in Spanish. Then, on Sunday at 6:30 PM, they will have a showing for the deaf with sign language interpretation.

The West Campus is strategically located at the intersection of Hwy. 801 and Hwy. 158 in Davie County with easy access from exit 180 off interstate 40.

For more information about the showing this weekend visit:

For more information about the Everett Brothers and their amazing ministry visit:

Safety by Design Class-Saturday 11/7/09

Safety by Design will teach you the skills you need to stay safe in public.
Saturday, November 7th 2009
Kernersville Library, Lower Level

You will receive expert training on:
Steps to be more aware of your surroundings
How to predict potential trouble and ways to avoid it
How your body physically reacts to danger and how to use this to your advantage
The advantages of pepper spray and how to effectively use it
Practical hands on exercises include
The proper use of pepper spray
Defensive strikes against offenders

For more information or to register online visit
or contact them at 336-399-7733

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Better Way to Make a Living

Discover A Better Way To Make A Living...and A Life

Working Americans today are overworked, financially strained, and dissatisfied with their job and lack of balance in their work and lives. What's worse, they see little hope of their circumstances changing.

That's where Peter Bourke's book, A Better Way to Make a Living…and a Life comes in. Peter, through his writing and speaking delivers what many Christians in the workplace need most today:

A way to transform their view of work and where it fits in their lives as Christians by exploring God's view of work as well as the role of purpose, God's calling, and balance in your work-life

A new perspective on today's work environment with both the threats and the countless opportunities represented by the "new normal" and how to thrive and utilize your Christian faith in the workplace

A roadmap for achieving a "peace" of work that explores our work and life priorities

And real-life examples of people who, while still a work in process, have been successful in discovering their God-given talents, and achieving a sense of joy, peace, and balance in their work-life

In short, A Better Way to Make a Living…and a Life provides hope for the majority of the U.S. workforce experiencing job misery or job dissatisfaction.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday

Here are some of the best deals at the “Big 3” grocery stores this coming week. You have to use your store card (MVP/VIC/Lowes) Prices are good from 8/19-8/25/2009.

Food Lion :
Value Pack T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks- $4.99/lb.
Boneless Pork Loin-50% off
Grade A Whole Chicken Fryers- 69¢/lb
Food Lion IQF Chicken Breast or Tenders-BOGO
On –the-Vine Tomatoes- $1.29
Yellow or White Peaches-99¢/ lb
Pluots (Plum/Apricot hybrid) $1.29/lb
Rotisserie or 8 pc. Fried Chicken-$4.99
Food Lion Purified Water-2/$7
Food Lion Cereals-11oz-$1.89
PET Ice Cream-BOGO
The following items are 10/$10--$1 each:
Chef Boyardee Pasta or Microwave Bowls
Michelina’s regular or Lean Gourmet Frozen Entrees
Hunt’s Manwich or Canned Tomatoes
Hunts Ketchup or BBQ Sauce32 oz. Gatorade or 24 oz. Propel
6ct. Kool-Aid Bursts

Lowe’s Foods:
Boneless top round London Broil-$1.99/lb
80% lean ground beef-$1.99/lb.
Sanderson Farms Fresh Split Chicken Breast -$0.99/lb
Alaskan Snow Crab Leg Clusters-$3.99/lb
Croissant, Lean or Hot Pockets-$1.97
Lowes Foods Bottled Watter-24 pk-$2.99
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch (18.2 oz), Frosted Bite-Size Mini Wheats (24 oz.), Corn Flakes (18 oz)- BOGO
Angel Soft TP (12 or 24 Rolls) or Sparkle Paper Towels (6 or 8 rolls) / 2 for $10
Oscar Mayer all beef bologna-Buy 2 Get 3 Free
6 count Cinnamon Rolls- BOGO
Seedless Watermelon-Personal Size- $2.99/each
Curly’s Pulled Pork BBQ-BOGO
Chex Cereal 12-14 oz.-2/$4
LFS White Bread-$0.89
The following items are 5/$5 or $1 each:
6 oz blackberries or raspberries
2 liter Pepsi products
Michelina’s Entrees
LFS Paper Towels
Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta
Kraft BBQ Sauce
LFS Saltines
Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding 4 ct.
LFS Rice 1lb.
Bakery French Bread
Carolina Pride Franks or Bologna
Tony’s Pizza

Harris Teeter
Bone-in Rib Steak-$4.99/lb.

Buy 1 get 2 Free:
2lbs. (21-30 ct.) EZ Peel White Shrimp
1 lb. California Sweet Strawberries

BOGO (Buy One Get One Free):
Perdue Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast -$0.99/lb
6oz Red Raspberries
HT All Natural Ice Cream
12 ct Fridge Pack Coca-Cola Products
64 oz. Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
64 oz. Motts Apple Juice
Pre-Sliced Deli Meats and Cheeses
50 oz. Arm and Hammer or Whisk Laundry Detergent
Smithfield Whole Boneless Pork Tenderloin
12 oz. Eight O’Clock Coffee
26oz. Bertolli Pasta Sauce
21 lb. Arm & Hammer Cat Litter

e-Vic Special (must be signed up for e-Vic online:
10 Pack Minute Maid Juice Boxes-$0.99/ea - Limit 1

$5.99 Meal Deal-(buy all 5 items for $5.99)
2 lb. Rancher Ground Chuck (Chub Pack)
8 ct. HT Hamburger Buns
8 oz. HT Cheese Singles
16 oz. HT Baked beans
24-32 oz. HT Frozen Potatoes

Ready to Eat from the Deli Meal- 1 entrée and 1 side for $9.99-
Tuesday-12 Piece Baked Chicken
Wednesday-Roasted Pork Loin
Thursday-Rotisserie Chicken
Friday- Meatloaf
Choose from the following sides: broccoli & rice casserole, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, garden salad

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Helping Hand for Alder's Point

Guests on the Morning Show (Aug 12)
- Dr Sir Walter Mack, Jr (Senior Pastor - Union Baptist Church)
-Tony Love, one of the 97 residents affected by the Alder's Point apartment fire July 14 in Winston-Salem. .

Want to Help?
Monetary donations: Union Baptist Church Fire-Friend Fund
1200 N. Trade St. in Winston-Salem
724-9305 (Ext 222)

Gettin' Fit w/ Alan Branch

Why Healthy Nutrition is Important
We recommend you eat healthy 90% of the time. But what is healthy nutrition? And why does healthy nutrition matter anyway? This post will explain why healthy nutrition is important.
Examples of Healthy Nutrition:
Whole, unprocessed foods. These foods come as close as possible to their natural state and are not (or little) processed. 90% of your food intake should consist of whole foods. Examples:
* Meat, Poultry & Fish. Ground round, chicken breast, tuna, mackerel, …
* Dairy. Whole eggs, cottage cheese, plain fat free yogurt, milk, …
* Whole Grains. Oats, rice, quinoa, pasta, …
* Healthy Fats. Olive oil, mixed nuts, fish oil, real butter, …
* Fresh Fruits & Veggies. Spinach, broccoli, bananas, apples, oranges, …
* Frozen/Canned Fruits & Veggies. But only if additive-free.
Examples: pineapple cans without added sugars, pre-cut frozen broccoli, …
Example of Unhealthy Nutrition.
Processed foods. These are altered from their natural state for safety & convenience. Their labels usually have a huge list of ingredients. And they’re filled with salts, sugars, trans-fats, … Examples:
* Packaged Snacks. Chips, cakes, cookies, crackers, sugar coated nuts, …
* Processed Meats. Hot dogs, bologna, sausages, lunch meats, …
* Calorie Beverages. Sodas, fruit juices, sugar alcohol, …
* Pre-made Meals. Frozen meals, cans of ravioli, pizzas, …
* Deep Fried Foods. French fries, fish sticks, fried seafood, …
* Junk Food. Ice cream, Mc Donalds, kebab, …
* And More. Bagels, margarine, sugary breakfast cereals, …
Why Healthy Nutrition is Important.
The easiest way to be sure you’re getting healthy nutrition: prepare your food yourself. This gives you total control over ingredients and thus results. Benefits of healthy
* Fat Loss. Processed foods contain trans-fats & sugars which prevent fat loss. You need to eat whole foods 90% of the time to lose fat.
* Spare Muscle. Eating alkaline whole foods like spinach maintains the acid-base balance in your body and prevents muscle & bone loss.
* More Energy. Eat junk and you’ll feel like junk: upset stomach, bloated, tired, lethargic, … Whole foods will make you feel better.
* Joint & Skin Health. Increasing your intake of fish oil decreases the onset of joint & skin inflammations. Think less tendinitis, less acne, …
* Overall Health. Whole foods don’t have all the sugars, trans- fats, salts & chemicals. Whole foods are also richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Which means lower risks of cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes.

You can get away with junk food 10% of the time. Maybe even more. But it’s a slippery slope: easy to get back to your old, bad habits.
Next will be a discussion on portion control....It is a key move in keeping your caloric intake under check.
Have you visited our new web site? Check it out along with our new blog at

I now have only 3 training slots open during the week for any new potential clients. If you are interested in training, please e-mail me at We have also added now 2 more trainers to the team who are now filling their training schedules. Looking for a quality workout, with an educated trainer that guarantees results?

E- mail now for more information, Fall is coming when open slots become hard to find.

Maybe it's time to put a fitness expert in your corner!
Stay strong!
Allen Branch CPT, SCS, NASM-PES
Fitness One Training Solutions
American Martial Arts Systems
"Its time to put a fitness expert in your corner."

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Review of "Scared"

Scared:A Novel on the Edge of the World

In his first novel, Tom Davis gives a face, a name and a story to the facts about AIDS and orphans that he reported on in two of his previous books, Red Letters and Fields of the Fatherless. Gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, repulsive yet redemptive in the end, this book will undoubtedly open the eyes of the reader to the injustices faced by many of the 150 million orphans who live on our planet. It is a difficult but necessary book to read.

The story revolves around an unlikely relationship between Stuart Daniels, an award-winning photojournalist who has lost sight his life's purpose and Adanna, a young African girl who is prematurely forced into adulthood after AIDS claims the lives of both of her parents. Hunger, sickness and the worst kind of abuse are all part of her reality. While her circumstances are desperate, her spirit is strong. It is this quiet strength, along with the protection she receives from a gentle stranger she calls the "Illuminated Man”, which carry her through the atrocities inflicted upon her.

Although Scared is by definition a novel, it blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction, telling the story of a real girl that Davis met while visiting an orphanage in Swaziland. If Scared was purely a work of fiction, it would be much easier to leave behind. However, the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of "Adannas" facing the same circumstances, makes it nearly impossible to read this book without being moved to respond. Davis capitalizes on this desire to act by sending people to the book's website where readers can meet the real-life Adanna and learn how to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children.

If Davis' goal was to compel his readers to take action, to speak for those without a voice, to defend the defenseless, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and to love the unloved, then he can definitely consider Scared a success.

***For a Limited Time, buy Tom Davis' Scared from Caroline's Promise and all of the proceeds will be used towards meeting the needs of orphans in Uganda. Click here to be redirected to the Caroline's Promise store. ***

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Casting Call

Check out this news from WXLV ABC 45:

Do you know a family whose home deserves an Extreme Makeover? If so, the
producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you.
Ty Pennington and his crew have been all across the map and now they want to drive that famous bus to North Carolina!

“We are looking for the deserving people and inspiring families that America can reallyroot for,” says Casting Supervisor Morgan Fahey.

What does it take to be picked for an Extreme Makeover? "We're looking for those special people who have amazing strength of character and never give up. Whether it’s keeping their chin up in really tough circumstances or going out of their way to help others. We want to help people whose stories have really affected their community or made a big difference in other people's lives.” Fahey added: "There are a lot of people who are heroes to those around them because of the way they inspire others and quietly serve their communities on a daily basis."

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition producers are looking for families whose homes desperately need to be rebuilt. “We really want to help families whose homes present major problems for the family, those big issues that affect the family's quality of life on a
daily basis. We want to find deserving people who just don't have the resources, ability, or time to fix those serious issues without our help.”

To be eligible, a family must own their own single family home and be able to show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their lives.

Interested families should e-mail a short description of their family story to:

Nominations may be submitted by the family or by a member of their community. Each nomination must include the names and ages of every member of the household along with a description of the major challenges within the home. Anyone submitting a nomination should be sure to explain why the nominated family is deserving, heroic, and/or a great role model for their community. If possible, include a recent photo of the family. All nominations must include a contact phone number.

The deadline for nominations is August 7, 2009. Don’t delay!

For more information on how to apply please visit our website at:

Monday, August 03, 2009

Cookin' With Bacon

Fresh Mozzarella and Summer Strawberry Salad with
Honey Balsamic Dressing

Recipe By : Jeff Bacon CEC CCA AAC
Serving Size : 4

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
8 ounces baby lettuce leaves
8 ounces tomato -- heirloom golden
8 ounces tomato -- red ripe
8 ounces cucumber -- peeled
1 pound mozzarella cheese -- fresh
4 ounces yellow bell pepper -- diced
4 ounces walnut -- chopped
1 pound strawberries -- sliced
4 slices French bread -- sliced thin
2 ounces parmesan cheese -- shredded
1 tablespoon olive oil
6 ounces Honey Balsamic Dressing

Wash and dry lettuces

Slice Mozzarella and then cut into dice
about 1/4 inch square

Peel cucumbers then split in half. Seed and slice thin

Cut tomatoes into quarters then slice

Make dressing

Drizzle part of olive oil onto each of four bread slices
Sprinkle slices with cheese then toast until crisp

Combine all vegetable ingredients with nuts and
cheese in large bowl

Add appropriate amount of dressing and toss well

Plate salad and garnish with cheese toasts
Honey Balsamic Dressing

Honey Balsamic Dressing

Recipe By : Jeff Bacon CEC CCA AAC
Serving Size : 12
Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
8 ounces balsamic vinegar
4 ounces honey
2 each garlic clove -- minced
2 ounces fresh basil
2 tablespoons dijon mustard
1 each shallot -- minced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
6 ounces extra virgin olive oil
6 ounces canola oil

Add all ingredients except oils and basil into a
large bowl food processor

Process on medium or high

Add oil while processor is spinning until oil reaches
desired consistency (all oil may not be necessary)

Add basil and chill

"24 ounces"