Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Better Way to Make a Living

Discover A Better Way To Make A Living...and A Life

Working Americans today are overworked, financially strained, and dissatisfied with their job and lack of balance in their work and lives. What's worse, they see little hope of their circumstances changing.

That's where Peter Bourke's book, A Better Way to Make a Living…and a Life comes in. Peter, through his writing and speaking delivers what many Christians in the workplace need most today:

A way to transform their view of work and where it fits in their lives as Christians by exploring God's view of work as well as the role of purpose, God's calling, and balance in your work-life

A new perspective on today's work environment with both the threats and the countless opportunities represented by the "new normal" and how to thrive and utilize your Christian faith in the workplace

A roadmap for achieving a "peace" of work that explores our work and life priorities

And real-life examples of people who, while still a work in process, have been successful in discovering their God-given talents, and achieving a sense of joy, peace, and balance in their work-life

In short, A Better Way to Make a Living…and a Life provides hope for the majority of the U.S. workforce experiencing job misery or job dissatisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for having this information on the air. Is there any way to get a free book? I have no income right now and I would love to read the book while I'm looking for a job. J

Anonymous said...

Hi, with so many people looking for work, I just want to say, thanks for the tips and the information. Is there any way to get a free book? J

Tami said...

Sorry, J. I have given away the only two copies I had. Maybe you can go to the authors website and ask him if he'll send you a copy. The link to his site is on my blog.