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Saving Money on Groceries

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Save Money on Groceries

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save money. Since food is one of my family of 5's biggest monthly expenses, I especially like to save $$ on groceries. Here are a few ideas...

After hearing many rave reviews from subscribers of, I decided to give it a try. Every week I get a list of the best deals on groceries along with information about coupons that I can use to maximize my savings. You save money by stocking up on groceries when they're at their lowest price. The list I subscribe to is for Harris Teeter, but there are lots of other options to chose from. So far, I'm very pleased with this service. There's a 4 week trial period that costs$1.00. After that a subscription costs $10.00 for 8 weeks. Give it a try:

Finally, people keep telling me about Angel Food Ministries which "provides discounted food not only for those that need it, but for any others who appreciate deep discounts on quality groceries." For $25 you can buy a food package worth $50 or more. This is open to everyone, regardless of income. Here is the website for more information and where you can find a local host site:

And, of course, there's also your friendly neighborhood Aldi store. When you don't have coupons and don't want to spend the time researching the best deals, Aldi always offers low prices. The stores are definitely bare bones, you have to bring or buy your own grocery bags, a cart requires a 25-cent deposit and you can count on a lengthy wait in line. But, the groceries are always cheap and you can get pretty much everything you need there. For weekly specials visit

Finally, if you're interested how your grocery bill compares to the rest of Americans, check this out. It's a chart compiled by the USDA that shows how much most people spend on groceries.

If you have any tips...I'd love to hear from you! You can post your comment here. Thanks!

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Rochelle L Valasek said...

Hey girl! LONG time now see!!! Miss ya!
Thanks so much for these awesome tips for groceries buying! I only have 2 boys, but geez...they are both going through that growth spurt! YIKES!

Hope to see you soon again! BUSY BUSY!

Love in Christ,