Monday, October 08, 2007

Important News From Caroline's Promise

Urgent Action Needed for Guatemala Adoptions

Many of you are aware that the President of Guatemala has made a decision to cease all Guatemalan adoptions to people living in the U.S., effective January 1, 2008. You can learn more from the Joint Council on International Children's Services:

"President Berger's plans also call for the suspension of adoptions currently in-process. Such a suspension would be extremely detrimental to the children referred to adoptive parents. If President Berger's plan is actually implemented, up to 5,000 will unnecessarily remain in foster care or orphanages indefinitely. This situation represents a pending crisis for the adoptive families who have chosen to provide permanency, safety and love to a child in need and most importantly a crisis for 5,000 children of Guatemala." JCICS website.

JCICS has established the Guatemala 5000 Initiative and we encourage you to participate. They are asking all of us to make 6 phone calls and send 1 email to members of Congress and UNICEF. They are asking us to do this on October 8 -10. Your participation CAN make a difference!

Ultimately we depend on our Heavenly Father to intervene on behalf of these precious children. We believe that He is calling the Church to do its job and get involved!

PLEASE get involved! Here's what you can do:

1. Call US Senator Richard Burr (202-224-3154)

2. Call US Senator Elizabeth Dole (202-224-6342)

3. Call House Representative Virginia Foxx (202-225-2071)

4. Send an email supporting Intercountry Adoption to

Guatemala Prayer List:

That people will take the time to participate in the Guatemala 5000 Initiative.
That the government of Guatemala will at the very least provide a "Grandfather clause", allowing children who have been referred to adoptive parents to complete their adoption and not remain in orphanages.
For the children's homes and caregivers in Guatemala who will now be under extreme financial stress as they try to meet the needs of children.
For the US families who have children in the adoption process in Guatemala.

PLEASE get involved! Visit and forward this to people who want to make a difference in the lives of children

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