Thursday, January 24, 2008

People Who Go Above and Beyond

Today (1/24) on the Morning Show I shared a story about the Principal of Hanes Middlle School in Winston-Salem, Mr. Childers. He went way above the call of duty last night when he spent an hour on the phone with me and my son Andrew to talk about his school. And, it made a big difference for Andrew who is now really excited about the idea of going to school there. And it turns out that lots of you have experienced someone whose extra effort made a big impression. Here are some examples:

India is a Nurse on the Oncology Floor at Wesley Long Hospital. Will Dorsett says she was a real blessing to his family while his Grandfather was battling Lung Cancer.

Delores says that Mr. Fitzpatrick at Kernersville Elementary School is amazing!

William says Bryan Bryant with Aircare Heating and Cooling in Kernersville worked on his faulty home heating system. He was there working late last night and then called early this morning to make sure the system was working well. And, it's not the first time Bryan has worked at Williams house and he always does a great job.

Cindy says she called Westover Church in Greensboro last week to inquire about a Bible Study. The woman she called, Beth, was working from home because of icy road conditions. Even though it was a snow day, Beth called around to make sure there was still room left in the class and then called Cindy back, letting her know that she could sign up.

Terry is a Hostess at Texas Land and Cattle. Terry's mom was so proud of her daughter when she was recently given a tip by a customer, which doesn't usually happen to a hostess at a family style restaurant. Terry checked with her manager to make sure that she was allowed to accept tips. Once she had his approval, she thought it over and then left the tip on the customer's table for the waitress who served them.

J. emailed this story about a teacher whose caring made a difference in her child's life...

It brought to mind Beth Scott - when my (now 11th grader) was in 2nd grade at High Point Christian academy, he was intensely frustrated with school. We know he had ADHD and some learning challenges, but at that time there was no resource available there. Beth had made herself available to the school, as she felt God calling her to this school to work, even though there was no such position yet. Mr Hardee did in fact hire her in the late winter/early spring. She was proctoring in my son's Stanford Achievement testing and recognized many signs of a very frustrated little boy. With Mr Hardee's permission, she called me at work, and in fact came to the hospital where I worked in order to discuss my son, and his educational needs. We prayed, cried and planned for his next year at the academy, and oh, what a difference she made in my child. By placing him with a teacher who not only understood his needs, but could also make the necessary accomodations for his learning style, he blossomed into a happy, loving student, who has gone on to overcome his learning differences, is an AB honor roll student and is in the Beta Club at the academy. He will graduate next year and plans to major in psychology - he is an Eagle Scout, and is truly a wonderful kid. I was despairing of ever being able to reach him educationally and did not see what God had in store for him back then. Beth has moved on to many other things, and I have lost touch with her - but I will never forget the teacher who followed God's leading in her life, came to my son's school as a teacher, and made all the difference in his world - I thank God for such teachers every day - thanks for asking this morning about special teachers in our childrens' lives - they truly are my heroes!

Do you have a story, too? Leave a comment about this blog and I'll add it!

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