Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kid Concoctions

John and Danita Thomas have the coolest recipes for "Kid Conctions". Their ideas are easy, inexpensive and provide countless hours of family fun. Here's a link to their website:

Sample Kid Concoction:

Grass-Head Guy
Knee-high nylon stocking
2 Tbs. grass seed
Empty yogurt container
1 cup potting soil
WaterMeasuring cup
Wiggly eyes
Acrylic paint or paint pens

Fill the toe of a knee-high nylon stocking with 2 tablespoons grass seed.

Pour in 1 cup potting soil. Gather the top of the stocking, and hold it with one hand. Press the outside of the stocking down, forcing the potting soil into a ball. Tie the stocking in a knot at the top of the ball. There will be a tail above the knot.

Turn the ball upside down, and place it tail first into a yogurt container filled with water. The tail will draw the water up into the soil and water the seed.

Glue wiggly eyes, a pompon nose and a yarn mouth onto the nylon-stocking ball. Paint a shirt and tie on the yogurt container with acrylic paint or marking pens.

Keep the yogurt container filled with water, and watch the grass grow. When the grass-head guy's hair grows too long, cut it with scissors.

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