Thursday, April 09, 2009

Creative Mission Trip Fundraisers

If you are like me and have a child going on a mission trip this summer, here are some creative fundraising ideas provided by WBFJ listeners:

-Pie in the Eye Auction- Auction off whipped-cream pies to your church congregation. The winning bidder gets to give your minister, youth minister, etc. a face full of whipped cream pie.

-Yard Sale/Ebay- Have your child go through his room and sell stuff at a yard sale or on ebay. My family is having a yard sale next month and Andrew is going to set up a refreshment table to raise money.

-Flower Grams-Work with a local florist to buy carnations at a discount. Then offer flower-grams at your church on Mother's Day.

-Book it- Ask friends and family members submit their recipes and compile a cookbook which you can then sell for donations. You could also create poetry books, calendars, compile art work into a creative! You can have the books printed and bound pretty cheaply at kinkos or the UPS store.

-Get to Work- Depending on your childs age, she can babysit, wash cars, clean houses, mow lawns or help with other odd jobs in exchange for a donation towards their trip.

-Krispy Kreme Sales-Krispy Kreme sells donuts to non-profits for a reduced price that they can turn around and sell for a profit. Sunday mornings before people head into Sunday School are a great time to sell donuts.

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