Monday, September 20, 2010

More "Rappin for Mac" Entries

We learned last week that WBFJ listeners are a creative bunch (not that there was ever a doubt in our minds).  We asked you to write a rap about winter or about your plans for "Tonight" for your chance to win passes to Winter Wonderslam with Toby Mac & Skillet.    We were able to send several winners to the show, but there were several more of you that sent in raps and we thought these rhymes deserved their moment in the spotlight as well!

Mia's Winter
a carolina winter's a blessing and a curse
we be wishing for snow but what we get is something worse.
it's a curious thing they like to call a wintry mix
but it's just sleet and ice with snow that never sticks.
our feet are cold, so we be jumping up and down
but no need for boots cuz ain't a flake on the ground.
when we do get snow we know the weekend's come
the kids get ready for half a week of fun.
if you wanna venture out, you had better think twice.
just chill for a while, heed the weather man's advice.

Markie Mark's Winter Rap
Alright… Alright…
Yo Vern! Drop me a beat!
(mmmm.. mmmm…)
Here we go … Here we go …
Woke up this morning with a chill in the air –
My son running around with some wild hair!
My daughter in the kitchen with a bowl full of cereal –
The Lord has truly blessed me, that’s 4-REAL!
My wife is getting ready, the kids go to pre-school –
I’m looking out the window, missing days at the pool!
Head to the car and drop the top back –
Click – WBFJ, Hey it’s Toby Mac!
Praise be to God for he has blessed me –
And to all who are listening, Jesus Christ is the key!
Praise be to God, Jesus Christ is the key!
Yes – Yes – Jesus Christ saved me!

It's Winter Time
by James
It’s winter time, It’s winter time
Turn off the A/C turn on the heat again
Shut out the cold, nice and warm within,
Getting out the fleece so good against the skin,
It’s winter time, it’s winter time,
The Santa Man will soon be on his way,
Eight reindeer and gifts on his sleigh,
Singing jingle Bells all the way,
long is the night, short is the day,
It’s winter time, it’s winter time,
People so nice, yippee yo ki-a
we wish you a merry Christmas
And Jesus is the Way.

Tina's Rap about Tonight
Going to pick the boys up after school
Hit the homework, it’s the rule
Making dinner for the man
I think we’re having chicken again!

Kathy's Rap
Hey you have you heard about Toby?
I heard that his show be
Lifting up Jesus, Lifting up God
Forget your worries, Just PRAISE the Lord!!!
Thanks to WBFJ,
We’ll be Jammin the night away

Kelly's Quilting Rap
I'm going down to Mo'ville
Going to see a pal
She wants to learn to make a quilt
I'm going to show her how
We got our scraps of fabric
In our machines we've got thread
We're going to make a blanket
To keep us warm in bed
Women working with their hands
Like Proverbs 31
Always giving glory
To the Father and His Son

Tabby's Rappin Crew
Winter is freezing
and we're not teasing.
When what's cold is your nose,
and you can't feel your toes.
There might be snow on the ground,
or it might be all around.
Don't let it make you frown,
Cause Toby's coming to town.
So at Winter Slam
We're really gonna jam!

Maggie-Mac's Winter Jam
You know I love it when it's WIN-tur!
Snows fallin' all pristine and Qui-et,
Watchin' the kids out in the yard's a Ri-ot,
They sleddin' down the driveway with their old to-boggans,
Climb to the top and then crash at the bottom,
I hear 'em laughin' brings a smile to my face,
Think back when I was younger and was in their place,
We liked to rock our beanies and our bright leg warmers,
Now I'm left inside I'm the official informer,
Schools out are you ready or not?
The kids are goin' crazy and the cocoa's hot!
It's quiet outside but in the house it's jumpin,
Turn up the music and the bass is bumpin,
Over in the corner sit and sip my tea,
I'm over here chillin' by the Nativity,
Set my mama gave me back when I was little,
Sippin' tea, head bangin, compin peanut brittle,
You see, I love it when it's WIN-tur!
You got evergreens, and packages, and spiral hams,
Santa Claus, Silent Night, and awesome jams,
But the reason for the season don't let Him be a stranger,
I'm talkin' bout my savior brought to me in a manger,
A scared kid sleepin in the hay,
Her baby just sleeps and her husband prays,
That they'll make it out alive and how could he know,
That the baby in his arms would make it so,
So yeah I like the cocoa...IT'S HOT IT'S HOT!!!
And yeah I like the snow...IT'S NOT IT'S NOT!!!
I love when school is cancelled...WOO-HOO WOO-HOO!!!
And trying to wait up for Santa...IT'S A HOOT A HOOT!!!
But the best thing 'bout the season-
It's the rhyme and it's the reason-
It's the reason that we have it-
And it's becomin' quite the habit-
It's the quiet it's the loud,
It's alone and it's the crowd,
Rockin' Christmas...rockin' winter...come on you know IT'S A WINNER!!!!!
I'm done! I'm out! Ho, ho...ho!

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