Monday, January 17, 2011

The Most Important Element of a Healthy Diet? FIBER!

Thanks once again to Dr. Ski Chilton for coming in to preview tonight's "Made to Crave" webcast.   Today we really dug in to the issue of fiber.  Dr. Ski said that new studies show that just by consuming adequate fiber (25 grams for women, 30 grams for men)  we can make a HUGE difference in out health and weight.  He added that at least 30% of that fiber should be soluble fiber and the rest can be insoluble.

Dr. Ski also said that by starting the day with 16 oz of water and then drinking water throughout the day we can easily reduce our caloric intake and help prevent some of the less pleasant side effects of fiber (gas, bloating, frequent bathroom trips).

Dr. Chilton has made a complete guide to healthy eating available on his website.  Get his "Go Guide" at

Tonight is the 2nd installment of the Made to Crave webcast, beginning at 8:00 PM.  You can watch it here:

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