Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bring Trader Joes to the Triad!

I have heard so many people raving about the selection and prices at Trader Joes. The closest one to the Triad is in CARY! Even so, I know lots of folks who make the 1+ hour trek once a month to stock up on foodstuffs from TJ's. Here's a description of Trader Joes from their website:

Just what is this thing we call Trader Joe’s? Well, we’re a grocery store, sure, but really so much more. Our shelves are stocked full of delicious foods and beverages from the basics like milk, bread and butter to more exotic fare like imported cheeses, organic produce and hand-tossed pizza from Italy. We taste every product before we decide to sell it, and we guarantee you’ll like it.*
You might expect indulgences like these to come with unbecoming prices. But at Trader Joe’s, we’re as much about value as we are about great food. In other words, we keep our costs low, cut out the middleman whenever possible and pass our savings on to you in the form of terrific everyday prices. So you can afford to be adventurous without breaking the bank.

Interested? You can email Trader Joes and request they build a store in this area. Here's a link:

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Tami said...

Marylee's the email I got from her today...

Hey Tami!

You are so right! We NEED a Trader Joes here in the Triad. Did you know that you can go to their website and petition for one?
I'm a transplanted San Diegan and there are a lot of So. Californian's here in the triad area and we ALL want one that is local. I fell in love with Trader Joes when I lived in Pasadena, the original starting place. Then I shopped there all the time when I moved back to San Diego. But for the last twelve years I've gone only a couple times up in the DC area. If people here could only go to one they would see it would give Whole Foods a run for their money and save us some of ours! You go girl!

Thank you!

Marylee Helms