Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have You Taken Your Annual Financial Checkup?

Have You Taken Your Annual Financial Planning Checkup?

Cash Flow Planning
• Is your home mortgage competitive in today’s marketplace?
• Do you have any debt besides home mortgage(s) and home equity lines of credit?
• Do you know how much you spend on various items each month?

Income Tax Planning
• Will there be any significant changes in your income or expenses during the year?
• Are you taking advantage of tax laws?
• Are you keeping proper records for your tax returns?

Insurance Planning
• Do you know what you are insured for and what you are not?
• Do your beneficiary designations disinherit or "short-change" anyone?
• When was the last review of your property, disability, and life insurances?

Investment Planning
• Are you satisfied with your yield on savings?
• Are your investments well diversified?
• Are you pleased with the investment advice you are receiving?

Retirement Planning
• Do you know what your Social Security benefits will be?
• Will your present retirement savings be adequate for future needs?
• Do you anticipate receiving a lump sum distribution from any retirement plan?

Estate Planning
• What is the date of your will?
• When was the last time your estate plan was reviewed?
• Are your beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts and life insurance up-to-date and in accordance with your estate plan?
• Have you prepared a financial roadmap for family members?

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