Monday, June 01, 2009

Shapin' up for Summer

Allen Branch joined us on the Family Friendly Morning Show today to share some tips for getting in shape for swimsuit season. Here's what he had to say:

-Food choices and portion sizes are important. The USDA food pyramid is a good guide to food groups and portion sizes. Use an online food tracker like or to keep up with your intake. There are also some really good apps for food tracking on your iPhone or iPod touch.

-Find an activity you like so that you will stick with it.

- Everyone needs to do some type of strength training. A basic routine includes: a squat (i.e. lunge), a push (ie a push up), a pull (i.e. pull up), a core exercise (like a plank), some sort of trunk rotation movement, and also a cardio like running or walking and also.

-Intervals--Very important. For example, if you walk a mile, carry a stopwatch with you and every minute, jog for 15 seconds.

For more information or to contact Allen about personal training, call 655-4558 or visit

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