Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update From Hands and Feet Project in Haiti

Here is an update from Mark Stuart, the former lead singer of Audio Adrenaline. His parents run an orphanage in Haiti, part of the "Hands and Feet Project" founded by Audio Adrenaline. Mark and his wife were at the orphanage in Haiti when the earthquake happened. Here is his account of the situation there. If you are interested in helping the orphanages they operate, visit

"We don't have any cell phone coverage...just email. Everyone here at the Jacmel Hands and Feet project is fine. We haven't slept since yesterday, but all the children and staff are safe. Right now, the kids and nannies are falling asleep out in the yard away from the buildings. My wife and I are answering tons of emails as quick as possible.

The situation in Jacmel is very bad. Hotels, hospitals, houses, and schools have collapsed. The aftershocks continue to scare all of the children and the adults for that matter. The after shocks alone are averaging over 5pts on the richter scale. Its not fun.

Our needs are food, water, and propane. Most of the food for us and the Jacmel area comes from Port au Prince and the mountain pass to Port au Prince has split apart. My wife and I were scheduled to depart for Miami on Friday, but the airport is shut down and the road is obviously impassable. We may be evacuated in a few days, but that is ok we are needed here. Our other orphanage in Grand Goave has been destroyed. The children there are ok, but lack a place to stay for now. They are on the far side of the mountain from us...closer to Port ar Prince.

We need help..if people want to donate go to and give. Over the next few weeks and months we MUST be prepared to take as many orphans as possible. Pleas continue to pray for the people of Haiti.

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