Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter Heating System Tips

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Winter Heating System Tips

Space heaters – be sure to keep combustibles at least 3’ away;
do not overload electrical circuits.

Carbon monoxide - have a carbon monoxide detector on every level
of your home if you have oil or gas heat.

Fireplaces – keep your chimney clean; have professional inspect chimney
every year; keep damper closed when not in use.

Gas logs - have gas logs cleaned every year.

Tune- up - have a professional tune-up or safety check of your heating system
every season; will also save $$$ on heating bills.

Energy Savings:
Air filters – replace monthly.

Return air grilles – keep returns grilles clear; do not block
with furniture.

Thermostat – turn back 2-5 degrees and put on a sweater or
sweatshirt; use programmable tstat to automatically turn
temperature down at night and when not at home.
Best investment you can do!

Shades – keep window shades and drapes closed at night;
open in day to let sun in.

Humidifiers – will make home feel warmer.

Ductwork – check ductwork for air leaks; seal with mastic.

Water heater – do only full loads of dishes and clothes;
use cold water to wash clothes.

Energy Tax Credits – Federal energy tax credits up to $1500
available through 12/31/10; utility rebates are also available.

Tune-up – have a professional tune-up of your heating system every season

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