Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday!!

Here are some of the best deals at the “Big 3” grocery stores this coming week. Prices are good w/ store card (MVP/VIC/Lowes) from 10/14-10/20/2009

Lowes Foods:
FYI-Lowes Foods has a new rewards program called "Fresh Rewards". You earn money back on future orders by purchasing certain items. See Wednesday's flier for Details.

Sanderson Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast-$1.99/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast-$2.10/lb.

BOGO on the Following Items:
Fresh Express Salad
LFS Center Cut Bacon
Entemann's Little Bites
Tom's Potato Chips
Palermo's Pizza
Edy's Ice Cream
LFS Soup

Food Lion:
Whole Boneless Beef Sirloin Tip-$1.77/lb
(They will custom cut this for free, you can have it ground for burgers, sliced into steaks, cut into stew meat or strips for fajitas or keep it as is for a great roast.)
Holly Farms Chicken Drumsticks-$0.77/lb
Holly Farms Chicken Thighs-$0.67/lb
Boneless Half Pork Loin-$1.87/lb.
Value Pack Pork Chops-$2.87/lb.
Hamburger Helper-$1

Snow Crab Clusters- $3.99/LB.
Tilapia Fillets-$2.99/lb.
16 oz. Phillips Claw Crab Meat-$5.99
Large Canteloupe-$1.99 ea

BOGO on the Following:
3 lbs. Gala or Gold Apples-
FL Microwave Popcorn
FL Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup
Family Sized "On the Go Bistro" Baked Ziti
2.5 lb. bag FL IQF Chicken Breast
FL Jumbo Shrimp--raw or cooked
16 oz. Sea Scallops
Nilla Wafers
Pop Secret Popcorn
Mrs. Pauls Seafood
Pepperidge Farms Cakes
Healthy Accents Nasal Spray and Allergy Relief Tablets
Small Shrimp Ring w/ Cocktail Sauce
Plumrose Premium Ham (lunch meat)

Harris Teeter:
Fresh Split Chicken Breast $0.99/lb
HT Eggs $0.97/ea.

BOGO on the Following:
50 oz. Wisk or All Detergent
Blue Bunny Ice Cream
12 ct. Cans Coke Products
6 oz. Red Raspberries
HT Sliced Bacon
Pier 33 Mussels

HT Meal of the Week-buy all of the following for $6.99:
13-16 oz. Johnsonville Brats
8 ct. Harris Teeter Hot Dog Buns
8-9 oz. HT Traders Potato Chips
2 Liter HT Soda

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