Saturday, November 14, 2009

EHME Lexington-Day 3 Update

Day 3 - At the Creasey Home

On Friday morning, day 3 of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build for the Creasey’s dream home began with the foundation set and the framers in place to begin the building process. First the floor went down followed by exterior pre-fab walls, the frame work inside and the trusses lifted by the crane to the top of the structure. At 5:40 pm, the build was right on schedule. At 11:00 pm, the framers were ready to sheet the roof.

Spectators lined the barricades along the yards across the street from the build site. Folks of all ages came out to see the amazing house taking shape right before their eyes. Folks came in support of William and Tricia Creasey and their girls. Kristie Alvater, co-worker of William at Guilford County School Technology Service took Friday off just to be at the site. Kristie has been a co-worker and friend to William for more than 10 years and became very emotional as she spoke of how deserving this family is to have something so wonderful happening in their lives.

Wiliiam’s dad came out. Tricia’s mom, dad and sister came. All to see the amazing build of a dream house for the Creasey’s.

Eighteen year old, Madeline Causey stood at the barricade with a batch of cookies she had made for the volunteers to show her appreciation of their time and efforts.

The build continued through the night with new crews coming in as others took off for rest to work another day.

On Saturday, day 4, inside walls go up and the painting begins. Outside the muddy sludgy mess will begin to look like a family yard again as the landscapers arrive.

We’re halfway there!

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