Monday, November 16, 2009

EHME Lexington-Saturday Update

The Sun Shines on the Creasey Home
For Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Lexington, NC - After three rainy gusty windy days for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Creasey family build the winds settled to a comfortable breeze and the sun came out on day 4. The projects contractor, Jason Hedrick, Hedrick creative Building, felt confident with the weather conditions change, his crews would make up the three hours they had lost in the bad conditions on the previous days.

As the hours of the day passed, spectators saw the grass turf put down in the side yard for a play area for the Creasey children. As the porch took shape on the front of the house, the walls were going up inside. Roofers on top were laying the tin panels. In sync, the sea of blue shirt construction crews each performed their task for their portion of the job. Cheers could be heard from the spectator barricade as Jason Hedrick stepped up on a mound of dirt and joked with the crews across the street. Around 5 pm, the paint was delivered, a good indication the inside walls were completed and ready for their coating.

On the morning of Sunday, day 5, the wall paper is up in the house, the siding is going on the outside and the driveway is poured. Crews were very busy during the night….on the inside, painting and painting and painting.

We’re getting closer to reveal!

About Hedrick Creative Building

Located centrally in the state of NC in Lexington, Hedrick Creative Building is named for its owner, Jason Hedrick. The company, although new in formation, began in 2003, but builder Jason Hedrick has 23 years experience in the construction industry. Jason is accustomed to tackling challenges while overseeing projects of new custom built homes, structural repairs or remodeling. “This project is definitely a challenge, completely building a home is just 106 hours, but with the involvement of my community, I’m looking forward to building a dream for a family,” remarked Jason. For more information:

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