Monday, November 16, 2009

EHME Lexington- Sunday Update

Day 5 Brings More Spectators for
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Lexington, NC – On Sunday, day 5 of the Creasey family Extreme Makeover: Home Edition spectators began to line the barricade early. By 9 am, at least 50 pairs of eyes watched as the activity on the build site continued. Neighbors of the Creasey’s had started their days early as to get a view of the build before they began their days.

David Craver, Brick Mason by trade, stood behind the barricade talking about his experience as one of the working volunteers on Thursday, day 2. He worked through the night in the pouring rains with the winds whipping around digging the footings readying the site for laying the block for the foundation. He heard about the project at the Lexington Barbecue Festival and immediately went online to sign up. “When you get that many brick masons together and no one gets in a fight, you know something special is happening,” remarks David. David and his wife have been behind the barricade on both Friday and Saturday and intend to be back on Monday.

George Burns, neighbor, and an Army Veteran walked down to see the progress. His daughter, Cheyenne Powers came down the street in her electric wheel chair on Saturday to see what was happening. George can’t ever remember so much activity in his neighborhood and remarks, “Anytime folks help someone else, not wanting anything in return, it’s a good thing.”

Joe Hale, den leader for a Tiger Cub Scout group brought his young son, Garrett, first year Tiger Scout out to see how a community comes together to help a family.

Local artist Bob Timberlake came out with his wife, Kay and granddaughter Kate to see the build. He was amazed of all that had taken place in just 5 short days. He remarked how proud and thankful he was to all the construction crews and volunteers that have given their time and talents to such a worthy project.

Day 5 spectators watch as the muddy yard begins to take shape. Retaining walls have been built and shrubs and trees are being planted. It is beginning to look more and more like the end is near

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