Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big Brother in the School Lunchroom?

Because of an apparent communication breakdown in my family, I found out last night that my son has been eating pretty much nothing for lunch for the past several weeks because he did not realize that I had put more money in his lunch account.  Well, that's not entirely true, actually his friend Jonathan has been giving him the wrapper from his muffin each day to chew on.  Before you turn me in to social services, keep in mind that my "highly gifted" son is in the 8th grade and I do expect him to take some responsibility for himself, like either making sure that he has money for lunch or has something to pack bring with him

On the other side of the lunchtime spectrum, parents of kids in five San Antonio, TX elementary schools can now know EXACTLY what their kids are eating thanks to a $2 million federal grant that has paid for cameras in these school's cafeterias.  The high-tech cameras take a picture of what each child put on the tray when they go through the lunch line and then what is left over after lunch.  Then, the pictures are analyzed and the nutritional content of what the child actually ate is calculated.

Seriously?  Our nation is facing a $14 trillion debt and were spending money on this?

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