Friday, May 20, 2011

Ending the Messy Room Battle

Love, love, love this six-step plan by Psychologist and life coach Dr. Michael Mantell for helping your kids keep a neat bedroom, with NO arguing!

1. Clean your child's room the way you want it cleaned.

2. Snap photos of every area of the room, beds, desk, closets, bookcases, corners, etc.

3. Post the pictures at your child's eye level in his/her room.

4. Tell your child that you will check the room daily at a specific time.

5. Give your child a fair 15 minute warning that you are about to check at that specific time and then do.

6. Anything left out, or unlike the pictures, gets taken away for three days, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS

Read more about Dr. Mantell's advice here:

1 comment:

Amy said...

With our son, every time we take something away, he things it's fun because he tries to find out where we put them and becomes a game to him. Good idea for others!