Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gettin' Fit with Allen

Join the Fitness One team for the Pound for Pound Challenge.  For every pound you commit to lose, the Second Harvest Food Bank will recieve one pound of food!  http://www.pfpchallenge.com/teams/default.aspx 

In the "Search for a Team" window, type "Fitness One" to register for this local team. 

Here's a great video where you can learn more about the Second Harvest Food Bank:

Allen also talked today about how less is more when it comes to working out.  Instead of spending hours every week on the treadmill, you are far better working out at a high intensity for 30 minutes/ 3 days per week. 

To sign up for a 21-Day Bootcamp at Fitness One or to get more information email Allen at Trainer@myfitnessone.com .

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